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Oh yes, you can. Crocs™ shoes now come in all new styles, but with that famous comfort on the inside. So wherever your busy day takes you, Crocs™ shoes can get you there stylishly and comfortably.
Discover your Crocs™ style by entering for a chance to win 10 pairs of women’s shoes from the new Spring collection, PLUS CROCS™ SHOES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY AND $500!
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How would your friends describe you?
  A. Hard-working
B. Fun-loving
C. Sweet and warm
D. Trendy
On a Sunday afternoon, you can be found:
  A. Checking your work email
B. Playing softball with your family
C. Baking something yummy
D. Shopping!
When you purchase a piece of clothing,
one of your primary considerations is:
  A. Whether you can wear it to work
B. Durability
C. That the style is classic rather than trendy
D. That it's the very latest style
The jewelry you most often wear is:
  A. Understated and simple
B. A running watch
C. Pearls
D. Something fun that expresses your personality
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